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The Rooibos2Muisbos 55km Route is a timed and a Cycling South Africa Sanctioned event.
Riders successfully completing the Rooibos2Muisbos 55km Route will be eligible for Western Province and National merits.
The route starts in Graafwater at the Graafwater Special Skills School.

The route will take the riders on a flat fast northernly direction out of Graafwater for about 12km before the route returns to Graafwater where it joins the 30km route towards the finish at Lambert’s Bay.

A self-service water station will be available at the turn on 12km and the first official waterpoint will be back in Graafwater on 24km. The third waterpoint will be on 45km.

The 55km Route joins the 30km route which travels through 28 private farms, each with their own unique history and promises to make you smile all the way from Graafwater to the finish at Lambert’s Bay.

The 55km route promises to be flat, fast, non-technical and only an elevation of 285m which makes it relatively easy on a mountain, gravel or e-bike.

This event is for the fitter or more seasoned rider.

Note: Gravel and E-Bikes are more than welcome to enter the 55km Route, but these riders will not qualify for podium or prizes.

Entry Fee: 
R350 excluding the CSA Fee for non-CSA members
Entry Age: 
15 years and older

Venue: De Tol
Date: Thursday 28 July 2022
Time: 16h00 – 18h00

Venue: De Tol
Date: Friday 29 July 2022
Time: 12h00 – 20h00

Venue: Graafwater High School
Date: Saturday 30 July 2022
Time: 05h30 – 07h30

Start time:

Cancellations and refunds
On any cancellation by You in writing to the Event Organiser, refunds will be payable as follows:
● 95% of Entry Fee ≥ 30 days before the Event
● 90% of Entry Fee ≥ 15 days, ≤ 20 days before the Event
● 0% of Entry Fee ≤ 7 days before the Event

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